Ines Sainz: 5 Things About The NY Jets Reporter And Mom

ines sainz
Ines Sainz, the so-called NY Jets reporter

Ines Sainz pictures have been popping up on the web today as people try to learn more about the New York Jets reporter who was reportedly treated so poorly by the team when she went to cover a practice. But what do we know about the woman herself, besides that she looks good in virtually any pose?

There’s a lot to find out. The Ines Sainz Wikipedia entry may be nonexistent, but I found out a few things about her that surprised me, including the fact that she’s married with three kids. This is surprising because a) she certainly doesn’t LOOK like she’s birthed three children, and b) one of her past sports reporter stunts was asking New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to marry her. Maybe that happened before she got hitched?

Anyway, here are five other things about this mom of a daughter and twin boys:

1. She’s the daughter of a lawyer and a stay-at-home mom. Her dad passed away a few years ago.

2. She posed in a bathing suit on the cover of the Spanish-language Esquire.

3. She has a masters degree from the University of Queretaro.

4. She is a blackbelt in Tae-Kwan-Do.

5. She is 32 years old. Or young, as her pictures suggest.


Photo: Twitpic

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