Ines Sainz Victimized for Being Pretty? (Plus, VIDEO)


Ines Sainz made the rounds on the morning talk shows this morning. She appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the situation that happened in the Jets’ locker room and on the practice field.

Ines had Tweeted that she felt “uncomfortable,” when players were throwing the ball in her direction during practice and comments made by players when she was doing interviews in the locker room. Jets owner Woody Johnson has apologized and Ines has not been angry or accusatory in anyway.

It has however, raised questions about how female  reporters covering these events are treated. Many people have said that her outfit, jeans and a white button down, was inappropriate. She discusses the situation and her outfit below.

After having players and the dude who plays Munch on Law and Order (????) state that they felt Ines’ outfit may have been too sexy, she responds by saying this is how she always dresses. And, she should be allowed to without comment. Jeans and a white shirt are nothing to gawk at, unless they are on someone who is worthy of gawking at.

Ines is clearly being victimized for being good looking. Her clothing was not revealing. It’s not like she showed up to work in a bikini, mini skirt, backless low cut top. Because she is pretty, it seems none of these men will be happy until she’s reporting from the field wearing a burlap, full body sack.


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