Inside Tiffani Thiessen's Baby Shower


What was it like inside former 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen’s baby shower? Was it really that much different from any regular ol’ baby shower? Thanks to People, we’ve got all the details on Sunday’s shower, including even some of the presents Tiffani got.

According to reports, the party was held on the lawn of Tiffani and hubby Brady Smith’s home outside of LA, which we assume is the only place on the property large enough to accommodate Thiessen’s massive 65-person guest list.

Guests were invited to chow down on some cakes from LA’s Hansen’s and got to take home gift bags filled with BabyBjorn goodies. Obviously, Tiffani was showered with fancy schmacny gifts, one of which was The Hot Mom to be Handbook.

No word on whether Jennie Garth was there, but for yet another 90210 connection: Jason Priestly’s wife Naomi hosted the event.

All in all, it sounds much like your average baby shower… with about 10x the guest list and the budget.

Tiffani’s baby is due in May and the Saved by the Bell hottie is reportedly going to give hypnobirthing the ol’ college try.


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