Inside Whitney Houston's Beverly Hilton Hotel Room & Bathroom (Photos)

Where Whitney Spent Her Last Moments

Whitney Houston spent her last moments on earth alone in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was to perform at Clive Davis’ annual Grammy party downstairs in the ballroom, but she would never make it.

Instead she died in her suite while taking a bath in preparation for her big night. At the age of 48, Whitney Houston passed away.

Whitney wasn’t staying in one of the premiere penthouse suites, instead she was in one of their suites on the 4th floor.

Here are a collection of photographs of what the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel room and bathrooms looks like, where the one and only Whitney Houston spent her last hours.

  • The Bathroom 1 of 5
    The Bathroom
    This is a photograph of the Beverly Hilton hotel room bathroom.
  • The Vanity 2 of 5
    The Vanity
    Another view of the hotel room bathroom.
  • The Beverly Hill Hotel Suite 3 of 5
    The Beverly Hill Hotel Suite
    One of their nicely appointed suites.
  • The Bedroom 4 of 5
    The Bedroom
    The bedroom of a Beverly Hills hotel room.
  • The Penthouse Bathroom 5 of 5
    The Penthouse Bathroom
    This is one of their other bathrooms, from their penthouse suite.