Girl Quits Job On Dry Erase Board: Good Example For Kids?


Another Internet sensation has hit the web, and this time a girl named Jenny is at the center of it all. We’ve had a week so far filled with all kinds of weird news, and quitting jobs in creative ways seems to be catching on. First we had the airline steward who quit JetBlue, and slid down the emergency slide while making his escape, and now we have this brave girl, who takes on her boss, known only as “Spencer,” in a series of photos that were posted online this morning.

Jenny claims in her photos that her boss spent the majority of his time playing the Facebook game Farmville, and referred to her as a HOPA (or a hot piece of… you get the picture), so it’s no surprise that she quit. How she quit, however, is raising questions. While Jenny’s leaving was certainly done in a creative way, is this the right message to be sending to kids?While no one should be forced to stay at a job they absolutely hate, are we showing kids that it’s all right to expose others for their wrongdoings out of spite? We are taught to respect those who are above us in jobs, and while Jenny’s boss was no prince (the HOPA reference could be sexual harrassment), was she right to quit in that way while calling him out on his behavior?

Would you be proud of your child for standing their ground, even in such a public manner, or would you prefer that such situations be handled privately?


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