Interview With Nia Vardalos: Nia Teams Up With GUM Brand To Make Moms' Lives Easier!

nia vardalos
Nia Vardalos teams up with GUM brand to promote new oral care product.

Just a little while ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Nia Vardalos, who most of you will remember best from her hit role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In addition to her acting career, Nia is also a busy mom to her six-year old daughter, and she knows first hand just how crazy our schedules can be as parents!

Nia has teamed up with GUM brand oral care products to help make life a little easier for all of us moms who aren’t quite sure which day of the week it is.

GUM officially launched a brand new product today called Gum PerioBalance, which is a probiotic lozenge that you take daily after brushing and flossing to help maintain a healthy mouth and gums.

Nia gave me the scoop on this amazing new product, and you can read my interview with her below.


1. Tell me more about the GUM PerioBalance product and how it works.

Nia: “GUM PerioBalance is a lozenge, which basically tastes like a mint, that you take after brushing and flossing your teeth to help reduce plaque and tarter by up to 40%. I’ve been using it for about 48 days now, but it only takes 28 days to see huge results. Actually, within 1-3 days of using the product, I noticed a smoothness on my teeth.”

“I went to visit my dentist after using GUM PerioBalance and after he checked out my mouth he said, “What are you doing differently?”


2. Does the product help with whitening at all? Teeth whitening is all the rage right now!

Nia: “It actually does! It brightens the teeth by removing excess plaque and tartar.”


3. A lot of people don’t realize that other health conditions can come as a result of improper oral care. How can GUM PerioBalance help?

Nia: “GUM PerioBalance is the first product of its kind on the market, and it is so easy to use. I keep the lozenges right by my toothbrush so I don’t forget to take it. The lozenges are also marked with the day of the week, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve already taken it or not.”

“Good overall health starts with your mouth, and GUM PerioBalance helps make taking care of your teeth and gums even easier.”


4. Is GUM PerioBalance safe for kids to take? I know that it’s so tough to get my son to brush his teeth sometimes, so it would be great if there were a product like this available for kids.

Nia: “Although the product is geared for maintaining proper oral health in adults, it’s just a probiotic supplement, so it should be ok for kids.”


5. Shifting gears a bit, can you tell us more about the new comedy you were a co-scribe on, called Larry Crowne?

Nia: “Working with Julia Roberts on Larry Crowne was actually a huge motivation for me to take the GUM Periobalance challenge! Her smile is just as amazing in real life…I actually call her the “beautiful exoskeleton.” She glows!

“I started writing Larry Crowne about 5-6 years ago, and now it is finally being released on July 1st. “


6. You are a mom to a six-year old…how do you balance motherhood with your career? This is something I always ask in my interviews because moms everywhere are constantly trying to figure this out!

Nia: “I really think it’s all about the timing. Before I had a child, writing was much more of a task for me. Now, after I get her off to school, I see sitting down and writing as “me” time, and I know that I only have a few hours to do it. Being a busy mom fires me up to write!”

“I would also say that it is very important to let people do things for you. We all have great friends who love to help us, but we need to accept help and not be afraid to ask for it. When someone asks me if they can bring something to a barbecue at my house, I used to say ‘no’, but now I’ll say, “Sure! Bring a salad!”


7. All of us who are Sex and the City fans are dying to know the answer to this question. What was it like working with John Corbett?

Nia: “John is the same way in real life that people would expect him to be after watching him on TV. He’s a scoundrel, and a gentleman, and he is so sweet. We know each other so well now after working together two times, and he will always have a special place in my heart.”


8. Where can people go to find out more information about GUM PerioBalance, and is it available to purchase yet?

Nia: “GUM PerioBalance officially launched today, and it’s currently on sale at CVS and Rite Aid. People can go to the GUM Brand Facebook page to find additional information on the product, and to see how they can take the GUM PerioBalance 28 day challenge. There is also a coupon on the Facebook page for GUM PerioBalance.”


I can’t thank Nia enough for taking the time to talk to me today…and I can’t wait to try this amazing product from GUM. I am planning on going out and buying it today!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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