'Invasion of the Christmas Lights', 'Crazy Christmas Lights' on TLC


invasion of the christmas lightsWatch the TLC holiday specials, Invasion of the Christmas Lights and Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2 tonight to see some of the craziest Christmas lights in America! Invasion of the Christmas Lights features families of extreme Christmas lighting enthusiasts and documenting their glorious, outrageous and elaborate displays.

The prime time block on TLC this evening is about extreme holiday light displays and the people who create them. Some homeowners spend thousands of dollars on their Christmas light displays! Certain holiday light displays are beautiful but some are, for lack of a better word–TACKY.  Invasion of the Christmas Lights 1 & 2 plus Crazy Christmas Lights air tonight on TLC.Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2 takes you inside the world of extreme Christmas light decorators. The people at TLC criss-cross the US and visit 6 homes where wizards of light out-do the neighbors and put on holiday displays that make you go: “wow.”

Crazy Christmas Lights goes inside the homes and lives of the craziest holiday decorators. Experience the madness when holiday decorating is taken to a whole new level! Get up close and see what happens when homeowners go over the top with their holiday displays.

Watch TLC tonight, starting at 7pm CST/8pm EST for the holiday light-a-palooza!

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