iPad 2 Announcement: 5 Things Celebs & YOU Will Love About the New iPad


Oprah, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber and even Suri Cruise loves their iPads. So one wonders if they will rush out to buy the new iPad 2.  Today Steve Jobs unveiled the new Ipad and all it’s new bells and whistles. Here are five things that celebrities…and you…will love about the new iPad?

Reading: When jetsetting or sitting around on the set waiting for your close-up, having access to 17,000 books —courtesy of Random House will make time fly.

And speaking of a close ups the iPad features a camera on the front and back.

iMovie  – movie makers will love the new iMovie app for the iPad.

Garage Band will let everyone get in touch with their inner rock star, creating music directly on their iPad.

And while hitting the Hollywood hot spots,  the new iPad is thinner and lighter (weighing in at .2 pounds lighter than the last one) making it easier to lug around.

How much will all this goodness cost ya?

The same as the last one – from $499 for a 16GB version with WiFi to $829 for 64GB. The new iPad will ship on March 11th.