IRS Says Gov. Schwarzenegger Owes $79K In Back Taxes


schwarzenegger-shriver-familyCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is setting a fine example for his four children and taxpayers. Because, you know, we should all owe $79,000 in back taxes.

Schwarzenegger, of course, says there’s been a mistake.

The IRS filed a federal tax lien against the governor last spring seeking $79,000 for unpaid taxes, fines and penalties.  Schwarzenegger says this is the first he’s hearing of the lien or any past due taxes.

A spokesperson for Schwarzenegger said on Friday that, “The governor had not been notified of any discrepancy or of the lien until today.  The governor is resubmitting certain information to the IRS and we fully expect that the matter will be resolved and the lien expunged without any penalty assessed upon the governor.”

The governor’s office insists that the $79,000 lien is simply the result of “a minor paperwork tracking discrepancy”.

In what world is $79,000 for anything considered minor?