Is A Teen Mom Spin-off In The Works?

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Is a Teen Mom spin-off series in the works?

Rumors began flying earlier this week about the possibility of the MTV spin-off series Teen Mom getting its own spin-off series in the near future. Though MTV has not yet confirmed this rumor, sources claim that a cast has been assembled for the unknown series and that some local shooting is already underway. It is also rumored that some of the Teen Mom spin-off cast were first featured on MTV’s original teen pregnancy series, 16 And Pregnant. Just what we need- more baby mama drama.  

“We’re always exploring new production ideas, but can’t confirm anything at this time,” an MTV representative said.  

From a business perspective I understand that the success of both 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom could justify the development of another spin-off series, but what about the moral and responsible perspectives? Living in the public eye can not make the lives of these young mothers any easier, and the domestic disputes that are becoming more frequent are seriously concerning. What message will this send to young girls? If you get pregnant at a young enough age you could be on MTV? If you act violently you will get more attention and/or be rewarded? This potential spin-off will not come without repercussions, we just hope that someone is looking out for the well-being of the children involved, and the young mothers who are practically still children themselves.  Do you think another teen pregnancy spinoff is a good idea?