Is Alanis Morissette Joining "American Idol" Alongside Mariah Carey? (Photos)

Alanis Morissette

No. I mean yes. I mean no. Alanis Morissette on “American Idol?” I mean, really?

While I can see where she is very qualified to do the job, I just don’t see where Alanis will be able to pull in the ratings, and here sitting next to Mariah Carey would be odd. Yes, their both celebrity moms and could probably spend their commercial breaks talking about their kids, but I don’t see that happening. Mariah is a diva. Alanis is… Alanis. Alanis always brings me back to the year of 1994. Mariah would be rocking stiletto heels that would cost as much as my last year’s salary while Alanis would come to the show wearing flannels. I really don’t see where putting them next to each would be a good idea.

Take a look at our photo gallery of a very cheerful Alanis and tell us, would you like to see her on Idol? Would she be a good fit?

  • Alanis 1 of 5
    Alanis Morissette, who is reportedly in talks to become a judge on "American Idol," looks giddy as she is spotted out and about in NYC.
  • Smile 2 of 5
    The "Jagged Little Pill" singer couldn't stop smiling as she left a building in Midtown Manhattan.
  • More Of It? 3 of 5
    More Of It?
    Are we going to be seeing a lot more of that smile on the small screen?
  • Good Fit? 4 of 5
    Good Fit?
    What do you guys think, would Alanis be a good fit on Idol?
  • American Idol? 5 of 5
    American Idol?
    One part of my says yes... while another part of me says no.

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