Is Ali Lohan Fated To Follow In Lindsay's Steps, Or Have Their Parents Learned Their Lesson?


In light of the news that Lindsay Lohan was released from jail early today and sent directly to rehab at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, our thoughts turn to her parents and their role in all of this.

There’s no question that Dina and Michael Lohan have both sought out their own share of fame through their daughter, from way back in her child-star days. And it seems to us, that while Lindsay’s parents were watching out for themselves–and using Lindsay as a vehicle for their own success–they forgot to give her the nurturing a child needs. We’re not saying Lindsay’s addictions and jail-worthy habits were all her parents’ fault, but we definitely think it contributed.

In the wake of Lindsay’s jail time, it seems her parents have had no choice but to acknowledge the starlet’s troubled ways–her dad, Michael, even giving her his own personal jail-time advice. But have they changed their own ways…or will they continue this course with Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali?

There was already the Living Lohan reality show which primarily followed Dina and Ali in their everyday lives–and we wonder if that’s not going to be the last of it. We’re fearful for the day Dina starts pushing Ali’s career, turning her into a mini Lindsay, drug problems and all.