Is Aly Michalka Following In Mother's Footsteps?


Well, not exactly, but the star of the CW’s newest drama Hellcats is taking a few pointers from her mother when it comes to mastering her current role. Aly Michalka, who plays a college-bound rebel that has to join the cheerleading team to get a scholarship, admittedly has had absolutely no real-life cheerleading experience. So what’s a girl to do? Turn to her mother, of course! 

Although the star is a complete stranger to high-kicks and pom-poms, she explains that the ability to cheer runs in her family.  “I have no cheerleading background, but my mom happened to be a Raiderette that went to the Super Bowl, and they won, which is rad, and a Rams cheerleader and a UCLA cheerleader. So — I know, right?” Michalka says. Cheerleading lessons from mom? Now there’s a mother-daughter bonding activity that is bound to turn a few heads! 

“So that’s kind of a cool thing, that my mom has that background,” she explains. “So I guess I have it in my blood, but I’ve never had an interest to be on a squad, probably because there’s no home-schooling cheerleading squads.”

Regardless of the fact that these two will experience cheerleading in completely different ways, it is nice that mother and daughter will have another shared interest. Hopefully her mother will dust off her megaphone and give the rookie a few pointers! 


Photo: PR Photos