Is Amy Winehouse Ready to Have a Baby?


Now when you think of Amy Winehouse, you’re most likely to think of the hit “Rehab” or her controversial hi-jinx and questionable lifestyle choices…you really don’t think ‘mom material’. But according to reports

she’s ready to procreate!  Amy recently had reconciled with her ex-husband Black Fielder-Civil and apparently she loves children and may welcome one some day, not soon, but someday. Her dad Mitch told Pulse magazine that, “She’s become so broody. She loves kids – especially all our little cousins. She’s been talking about having a baby and is now at the age where she wants to have a baby. But I can’t see her settling down with 15 children just yet.”

She currently lives with her dad and Blake in a home she recently bought in the Camden area of north London. And her dad said that people would be surprised by her ‘down to earth and home loving’ lifestyle she currently enjoys. He added that “Amy’s Jewish background is full of hidden stories. No one knows that she speaks Yiddish. She has a very good grasp of the language. She also loves to make chicken soup as it helps to relax her. She loves Jewish food.”

Hey, with her dad living with her, it that a built in babysitter?


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