Is Angelina Jealous of Jen's Relationship with Brad Pitt's Family?


Old habits definitely die hard, and it seems that another feud is brewing between bitter rivals Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Personally, I don’t think that Brad Pitt is worth duking it out over, and both of these ladies could probably do much better than him. For whatever reason, they seem to be at constant war with each other, even though Brad and Jen divorced years ago.

This time, Angie is upset because Jen is still so close to Brad’s family.  I have to admit, I would be upset too if my mother-in-law was still super-chummy with my husband’s ex-wife, so I can see why the claws are coming out on her part.  Even though she and Brad are not married, they have still made a life together, and he was done with Jen a long time ago.

Jolie recently took her twins, Knox and Vivienne, to Budapest and left the rest of her brood at home, and sources are saying that she did it to upset Brad’s mother, Jane.  A friend of the mom of six said, “Angie strongly thinks that the past is the past, and Jennifer and Jane should let each other go because their friendship is disrespectful.”

I don’t know if disrespectful is the right term, but for Brad’s sake, you would think that Jane would at least keep her relationship with Jen a little more under wraps.  Whether she cares for Angelina or not, she is in a relationship with her son, and they do have children together.

Apparently Jen and Jane are extremely close, and Jane still considers her a daughter.  The two have a strong bond and still confide in each other, and sources say that Jane doesn’t think she should have to “cut off that connection” just to please Angelina. And as far as Brad is concerned, he agrees with his mom, and said that she “is a grown woman and should be able to do what she wants.”

Would you be jealous if you were Angelina? Do you think she has a right to be?

Photo: PRPhotos