Is Angelina Jolie Faking It?



It was the bump heard ’round the world: Angelina Jolie suffered a head injury on Friday while performing a stunt on the set of her film Salt.  But was the whole thing just a publicity stunt?  A production assistant on the set says Angie definitely needs to have her head examined, but not for a physical injury.

According to the source, the actress’ ‘injury’ was really just a way to get attention and publicity. “She hit her head lightly and there was no scratch evident,” the production assistant says. “There was absolutely no reason to take her to the hospital. She was whisked away as if she had just been shot. Everybody on the set thought this was a scene being filmed for the movie.”

So why would she need any more attention – she’s Angelina Jolie for crying out loud.  Brad has been in the press frequently, often seen shuttling the couple’s six kids around Long Island while mom is busy filming, so maybe it was Angie’s way of getting back in the spotlight?  Maybe Brad gave her a really crappy Mother’s Day gift and this was her way of making him feel sorry for her?  Perhaps she just wanted a little R&R and the idea of being away from the kids in a hospital bed with a 24-hour nurse sounded really good?

Or maybe she really did injure herself and those of us who doubt her are in for some really bad karma?