Is Angelina Jolie Pregnant?


Would it seriously surprise anyone if word were to come out that Angelina Jolie was, in fact, pregnant again? There are rumors circulating that Jolie may actually be expecting her seventh child.  Amid other speculations that things at home between Angelina and her husband, Brad Pitt are less than ideal, getting pregnant again may be just the thing that she needs to hang on to her hubby. A baby always fixes problems in a marriage, right?

We are used to seeing Jolie wearing her traditional uniform of all black, form-fitting clothes, but lately she’s been seen in baggy dresses instead of booty-hugging pants, which is a tell-tale sign of a woman who is trying to hide a growing baby bump.

The star is also accustomed to wearing heels, and has been seen walking around in thong sandals. Could they be a sign of swollen feet that can’t fit into stilettos?

Angelina has also been spotted with a noticeable amount of extra cleavage lately, and seems to have that “pregnancy glow.” Of course, maybe she’s just been out in the sun a little too much since she’s been hopping around all over the globe.

Will Angie be adding another member to her ever-growing brood of kids, or are her maternity reminiscent duds simply a result of her trying to dress more comfortably since she’s been traveling so much?

Photo: PRPhotos