Is Angelina Jolie's Strange Eating Habit Affecting the Kids?


Angelina Jolie Has Strange Eating Habits?

Many think of Angelina Jolie as being a wee bit odd and eccentric.  And now it is being reported that her interesting choices don’t just apply to her film roles or pension for knives, Angelina apparently has some bizarre food obsessions as well.

In Touch talked to an ex-employee of Jolie’s who said that the super star will get really into one food and have just that one food for days. An example?

Soup. Angie was reportedly all about the soup. “She became obsessed with soup,” the employee said. “Light soups that didn’t have a cream base — that became the constant request.”

And then after an obsession, she drastically changes it up. Another insider said, “Her daily diet varies…sometimes it will be just green tea and nuts. Other days, it will be red meat and red wine, and then, back to tea and some tiny portion of protein.”

This odd eating regime apparently doesn’t sit well with partner Brad Pitt, who supposedly is worried about how this will affect the kids. He doesn’t want their children to follow in her strange food behavior. But I’m sure they have a fabulous chef who makes sure they are all well fed.

Photo: PR Photos