Is Another Michael Jackson Movie In The Works?


It seems This Is It may not have actually been, well, it. Apparently, a former associate of the late Michael Jackson is shopping around yet another full-length movie, this one consisting of rehearsal footage from MJ’s 1981 Triumph Tour

According to TMZ, Ron Newt–who was supposedly rather close with the singer–said Jackson gave him unseen behind-the-scenes footage from the concert series. Newt is ready to get that footage out in the open and make some money off of it–especially after the great success the first MJ post-mortem dvd, This Is It, had.

Newt has said the film he’s creating will be a 64-minute compilation of his footage, including moments among Jackson and his brothers, as well as Jackson performing and directing–and that he has already had several offers, climbing into the seven figures.

Would you watch another MJ movie?


Photo: Solarpix/PR Photos

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