Is Ashley Bell The Next Linda Blair?


Young actress Ashley Bell is taking starring in a scary movie to a whole new level, by playing a possessed girl, Nell, in the new film, The Last Exorcism.

Back in 1973, Linda Blair made an everlasting name for herself by playing another young devilish girl, Regan, in the original Exorcist film.  To this day, anytime I see a photo of Linda Blair I think of that movie and how badly it scared me. I probably shouldn’t have watched it as an 11-year old kid.

I don’t know that Blair will ever be able to shake the label of “the little girl from the Exorcist.”

Is Ashley Bell the Linda Blair of today’s generation?  Will people remember her face 30 years from now?

Ashley’s character in the movie is a 15 year old girl who is from the backwoods of Louisiana, and despite being possessed she is deeply religious.  In order to get into character, Ashley prepared for the role by visiting Baptist churches and talking to people about the religion, and she also studied exorcism books and even listened to tapes of live exorcisms!  One thing’s for sure, Ashley may be young, but she definitely doesn’t scare easily!

The Last Exorcism opens on August 27th.  Time will tell if yet another child actress will make an iconic name and face for herself with this horror flick!


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