Is Audrina Patridge Capable Of Carrying Her Own Show?

audrina patridge, the hills
Audrina Patridge Debuts Her Reality Show ON Vh1 April 17.

Since The Hills ended last summer, it was only a matter of time before one of the castmembers tried spinning off their own series. Audrina Patridge who has always been known as the sidekick to Lauren Conrad, is attempting to move to the front of the line and helm her own series on Vh1 simply titled Audrina. But can she carry her own show?

Sure, we all loved The Hills. Don’t deny it. But Patridge was never one of the reasons to tune in. I actually found her to be quite annoying and stuck up. Let’s not forget when she hid out in the pool house for an entire season because she was too good for Lauren and Lo Bosworth.

But now that The Hills has closed up shop, Patridge thought she was famous enough to pitch her own series and MTV Vh1 jumped on it.

The silver lining comes in the presence of her family. We all saw her drunk mom Lynn do an interview with the paparazzi last year and if we can get more of that, I’m sold! Patridge’s series will focus on the entire Patridge clan a la Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Do you think Audrina Patridge can carry her own show?