Is Audrina's Mom's Rant Setting A Bad Example? (Video)

audrina patridge
Audrina Patridge And Her Mom

Poor Audrina Patridge — 1st – in a shocking vote, the reality star gets kicked off ‘DWTS’ – then her mother goes on a profanity laced drunken rant to the paparazzi about it. But the worst part of the rant wasn’t that she objected to her daughter getting voted off the hit show; it was that she seemed to be insinuating that her daughter is more talented than all of the other ‘Hills’ cast members.

Audrina is only a ‘celebrity’ because of her appearance on ‘The Hills’, but her mother seems to insinuate that her daughter is better than all the rest of the ‘Hills Tramps’ and even goes so far as to insult ‘The Hills’ star Lauren Conrad.  Isn’t that being a bit immature for a grown woman?

Now we know that there was bad blood between LC and Speidi and that played out on the show, but does Audrina’s mom’s drunken rant hint that there is more tension than let on between Audrina and Lauren? Or, is her mom just insecure and being a typical stage mother by insisting that her daughter is more popular and talented than the other girls?

Either way her mother set a very bad example and used poor judgement by going on the way she did about her Audrina and the other Hills girls. I wonder if any of the former cast members of The Hills will have anything to say about that, or if Audrina is already doing damage control?  Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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