Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant? Avril Baby Bump or Just Rumors?

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Is Avril Lavigne pregnant with Brody Jenner's baby?

Is Avril Lavigne pregnant?

The rumor mill has been buzzing that Avril Lavigne is pregnant and boyfriend Brody Jenner is the baby daddy… but her rep has set the record straight.

Avril is not pregnant, her rep tells

X17 Online first started the rumor “Is Avril Lavigne hiding a baby bump?” when she was photographed wearing an oversized shirt and covering “her noticeably large belly” with a super big Birkin bag.

Ah yes, the dreaded oversized shirt – can’t celebrities wear big, comfortable clothing without being pregnant?

A source was quoted as saying that Lavigne and Jenner “have never been happier,” with the insider noting, “Avril has been talking about how much she wants to have his baby and take their relationship further,”

The source teased, “Expect her to make the announcement soon.”

Guess you can’t expect any announcement after all!



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