Is "Bama Belles" Cancelled?

Bama Belles cancelled
Goodbye to the cancelled Bama Belles?

With all of the excitement over the Survivor Finalelast night, I temporarily forgot about my favorite train wreck of a show, Bama Belles.

A quick search on the television did not find the show anywhere. It wasn’t even listed in reruns. Which led me to wonder: was the show cancelled or was it taking a break for the holidays?

Since the show has only been on for two episodes, a break this quickly seemed unlikely. According to producer Amie Pollard, the show will not be picked up for a second season on TLC.  In fact, the third episode may not ever air, either.

Though it was billed as a reality show, it had viewers upset because it showed Southern women as loud, gossipy, and participating in activities like lawnmower racing, as if this was a representation of how all Southerners lived.

Want to see some of the uproar? Take a look at the comments on this post or this one. It’s not surprising to hear that the show is being cancelled, except that any talk is good for ratings, even if people are just tuning in to be able to complain about the show.

Are you glad to see the show go? Or will you miss it?

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