Is Beyonce Pulling A Camille Grammer? 5 Reasons Why She Might Be (Photos)

Is there a baby in there?

Remember when Camille Grammer said that she used a surrogate mother to carry her two children because she didn’t want to ruin her figure?

Well, whatever your thoughts on Camille, at least she was being honest about it.

Following Beyonce’s Australian television interview with her literal belly flop that has once again sparked rumors that the chart topper might be wearing a prosthetic belly, we’re beginning to believe that something just isn’t right in the water.

While there’s been debate on whether or not Beyonce is actually carrying a fetus inside of her, we wouldn’t be surprised if the “Countdown” singer popped a water balloon during Adele’s acceptance speech on Grammy night to make it look like her water broke.

Check out our gallery of Beyonce here and the top five reasons why she might be pulling a Camille Grammer.


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    Beyonce is a workaholic. The girl hasn't stopped to rest ever since revealing she that was expecting at the VMA's. I don't know about other mothers out there, but when I was pregnant with my two children all I wanted to do was sleep in.
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    One day you see the bump, the next day you don't. There's just too much inconsistency in Beyonce's supposedly growing baby bump.
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    Have you ever once heard Beyonce complain about morning sickness? That statement she made that she was craving oreos with hot chili sauce seems a little far fetched to me.
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    Beyonce is planning a world tour in 2012. How is her body going to get back into shape after baby?
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    Beyonce's camp has been mum about the folding baby bump controversy... what could that be telling us?



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