Is Beyonce Ready To Be A Mom?

Is Beyonce ready for motherhood?

Is Beyonce ready to start a family?

As the singer etches closer to turning 30, she may not admit to feeling the biological clock ticking but she’ definitely feeling more womanly.

“I feel like a woman I feel like I’m very aware of who I am and I feel great, and I feel like 30 is an ideal age, you’re mature enough to know who you are…” Beyonce told Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Piers then hinted to the pop star that she was sounding more like a woman who was ready to be a mother.

“I need to have a baby,” she joked.

“I always said I would have a baby at 30.  I’m 29.  But I also said I was gonna retire at 30.  So I don’t know. Who knows. But I’m not retiring I tell ya.”

Piers joked, Can we expect little patters of Beyonces and Jay-Zs?

“Only God knows.”

The singer, who turns 30 in September, has a new album coming out today.

She is not retiring anytime soon and may start a family with her husband of three years Jay-Z before that!

The rapper-mogul, 41, is a “good man,” gushed the notoriously private singer. “He is amazing,” she added, explaining that they made a “marriage pact” to keep certain things private.

“Jay and I have kind of made a decision that we want to be known for our music and not our relationships or scandals.”

Halfway through the year, our fingers are still crossed for Beyonce and Jay-Z!