Is Bill Cosby Dead? No, Blame a Nitwit on Twitpic


is-bill-cosby-dead-bill-cosby-diesRumors are swirling that Bill Cosby, one of television’s most beloved dads, has died. But like most celebrity death rumors, this one can be blamed on the internet — a fake CNN screen grab posted on the popular photo sharing website TwitPic is to blame. See the fake photo after the jump.


Someone with way too much time on their hands went to the trouble of putting together the fake news article and then posting it on Twitpic, a photo sharing website that allows you to post photos to Twitter. The ‘news article,’ reported to have been taken from the CNN website, was captioned with the headline “Bill Cosby Dead at 72″ accompanied by the following text: “After a long battle with heart disease the infamous comedian has been found dead in his Shelburne, Massachusettes home.”

Another photo purported to be Cosby’s home is accompanied by a ’cause of death': “Early reports suggest the cause of death may have been cardiac arrest. After being rushed to Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Cosby was pronounced dead at 12:28 AM EST February 06, 2010. His family is unavailable for comment at this time.”

However, a quick look at the CNN website will show you that no such article exists.

I’m sure Cosby, his wife Camille nor their four children found the hoax amusing in the least, especially since the family has experienced unimaginable tragedy in the past — son Ennis was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997.