Is Brad Paisley Excited About Cars 2? There is a Good Reason Why This Dad of Two Sons Should Be!

Brad Paisley

I know of lots of little boys (and girls) who are excited about the upcoming and anticipated Disney/Pixar film Cars 2. But there is one big boy who looks to be pretty amped as well, and it’s not just because he has two little boys of his own. Leaving David Letterman’s studio Brad Paisley proudly wore his Cars 2 hat. So, why is Brad Paisley excited about the new this new animated feature? It’s not because his family isn’t just in the Disney demographic, but he happens to have a song in Cars 2.

For the film he paired with Robbie Williams. “The song is a rock vocal event with one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, Robbie Williams. It was [Cars director John Lasseter‘s] idea to bring these two worlds together – combining the English and American takes on music.”

But to hear the song, you’ll have to wait until the film is released on June 24th. You can find out more about the film right here!

Photos: PCN

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