Is Brad Pitt Leaving Angelina Jolie And The Kids?


Wow! Rumor has it that Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie and their six children…well, temporarily that is.

Pitt is currently making plans to relocate to the UK in July while he shoots his next movie, World War Z. Angelina and the kids will be staying at home in France in the couple’s château.

“London is not a city Brad has spent much time in, so he is really excited to immerse himself in a new place,” a source said.

“After consulting with Angie, he agreed to go solo and asked for a state-of-the-art bachelor pad, in a trendy yet nice part of town.”

Angie “taking care of” the six children by herself for four months?  I’m guessing that’s not necessarily true – I’m sure she’ll have lots of help!

Recent reports from People magazine have said that the uber-famous Hollywood couple manages six children as best they can:

“The family lives in a way that can best be described as organized chaos,” an insider said.

“Of course it’s wild when all the kids are there, and evening tends to be a bit chaotic with dinner and bedtime…Brad and Angelina are both good with rules, and there are definitely consequences, like time-outs, for bad behavior…But for the most part the kids all get along.”

I cannot even imagine the craziness that six kids would bring…could luck to Angelina, and Brad, enjoy your time away in your state-of-the-art bachelor pad!

Photo: PRPhotos