More Time to be a Grandpa? Is Brett Favre Retiring?


Brett Favre has said he was going to retire before, but this time it looks like he may be serious. 

The news comes from a series of Tweets by a reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune,  “Brett Favre began telling Vikings officials last night he will NOT return for a 20th season.” Another said that “Favre is expected to issue a press release later today.”

The football star had a serious ankle injury which may be one reason he will not be coming back. If he does decide to put his quarterback days behind him, it will give him plenty of time to spend with his family.

Brett and his wife Deanna have two daughters, Breleigh Ann, 10, and Brittany, 20. Brett became a granddad on April 2, 2010, when Brittany gave birth to Parker Brett. Whatever the football stars final decision, we are sure they will support him.

His family keeps a blog called The Family of Favre. The last time Brett retired (before he changed his mind) Brittany wrote:

“His decision to retire may have come after a few negative factors, like his bicep injury, but the beauty of it is that he went out under his own will. For any profession, it must be a sweet feeling to know that you are walking away still respected in your field, having people believing that you could still be successful at your position. Although he’s had his fair share of tears and bruises, his career ended with him still being able to do what he loves, not because of a life changing injury or being asked to leave because no one believes in him…The beauty of his profession is that he has shown the whole world what he can do, made a wonderful name for himself, and hasn’t turned 40 yet. He has so much life to live, and even though football is over, he can now start to really live. He has recently discussed family cross-country road trips (Stay tuned for those stories on the blog, should be very, very interesting).”

Those road trips didn’t happen at the time, but it looks like they may be packing up the car some time soon!