Is Bristol Palin Dating Her DWTS Partner Mark Ballas?

Mark Ballas Bristol Palin DWTS
Are Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin Dating?

Is there a chance that Bristol Palin is dating her DWTS partner, Mark Ballas? It wouldn’t be the first time that a Dancing With The Stars contestant hooked up with their partner. Actually, Mark has fallen for one of his celeb partners before. He got pretty cozy with Cheetah Girl, Sabrina Bryan a few seasons ago, and now it looks as though things may be heating up between him and Bristol.

Mark and Bristol were photographed grinning and holding hands while headed to the Mint Bar in West Hollywood. From the picture, they definitely appear to be a couple. I have to admit that it’s a bit strange that they were headed to a bar, considering that Bristol is underage, but there are loopholes for things like that in Hollywood. Plus, Mark was performing at the club with his band, so maybe that’s how he was able to sneak Bristol in.

Last night’s rumba between the couple was definitely steamy, and Bristol even ripped off Mark’s shirt at one point. Though they didn’t get high scores from the judges, they still seemed to have some chemistry.

If Bristol and Mark are actually falling for each other, I wonder if he’s ready to date a single mom? And is Bristol ready to put her heart out there again?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Photo: Pacific Coast News