Is Bristol Palin Nervous About Having Mom In Front Row?

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Sarah Palin

Word on the street is that Bristol Palin is working her butt off for the premiere of Dancing With The Stars. She is in it to win it. But, will having mom Sarah Palin in the front row ruin her chances at the mirrored disco ball trophy?

“Bristol is taking this very seriously,” a ‘Dancing’ insider tells me. “She knows this is her big chance to reintroduce herself to the American public, who only really know her as a teen mom and Sarah Palin’s daughter. That said, she is also aware that her mother could be a huge liability in this competition.”

And sources say it is producers of the hit show, not Bristol, who are desperate to get Mrs. Alaska in the front row. “It’s always great to get reaction shots of family members when the stars perform,” one TV executive tells me. “And when that family member happens to be someone as controversial as Sarah Palin, it’s TV gold.”

So will Sarah Palin’s presence hurt her daughter’s chances of winning? All the anti-Palin voters may choose to look the other way if they associate Bristol with her mother rather than on her own individual personality. Only time will tell if her dancing can over-shine her political infamy.

Will you be voting for Bristol Palin?