Is Bristol Palin Picking AZ Over AK?


Bristol Palin reportedly buys a home in Arizona.


Rumor has it that celeb mom Bristol Palin may be trading her snow boots for sandals and heading to Arizona, which is quite the change for this Alaskan native! 

According to recent reports, Palin has purchased her first home which happens to be located in Maricopa, Arizona and not Wasilla, Alaska. The five bedroom home is rumored to be Palin’s pad for when she enrolls in Arizona State University, where she plans to study at the school of broadcasting.

This mom may be young, but, judging by the deal she got on this house, the girl knows how to spot a bargain! Though the 3,900-square-foot Arizona house was reportedly bought for $330,000 a mere four years ago, Palin managed to pick it up with a very reduced $172,000 price tag. That savings should help buy a lot of textbooks… or diapers. 

Either way, this rumored move seems like a step in the right direction for both Bristol and her son Tripp. Her fame will inevitably  fade, and having a solid education to fall back on will only help her and her son in the end. 

Do you think Bristol should move to Arizona for school, or stay close to her family for support?

Photo: PR Photo