Will Britney Convert to Judaism For Her Man?



Britney Spears may be converting to Juadaism to show her commitment to her man. Britney has been photographed wearing a Star of David necklace during her Circus tour.

Britney was brought up Baptist and dabbled in Kabbalah and now wants to try something new.

It’s funny the things girls will do for their boys.

Whatever she does with her religion I just hope she’s happy. Maybe this is part of her road to recovery. We know she’s going to appeal her father’s conservatorship as soon as the tour is over, this could be another step in the right direction for her.

I think it was a huge step that she wasn’t selfish when going to Russia. She left her kids behind when the death threats surfaced. She had to do the show because she said she would, but she didn’t have to take her kids. Which she didn’t.

It’s like she’s all growns up and she’s all growns up.