Is Britney Spears Is Stalking Jason Trawick?


britney-spears-jason-trawickToday’s big headline in Britney Spears news is that Britney has IS a stalker. OK, “stalker” may be a little strong at this point. She’s not exactly head-shaving crazy just yet, but word has it that Britney’s uncomfortably fixated on winning Jason Trawick’s affection, despite the fact that he’s moved on.

Says a Britney insider:

“Jason ended it with her because he couldn’t handle being Mr. Britney Spears and all that entails. He really didn’t like living in a fishbowl… She texts and emails him constantly, and she’ll ask him, ‘Don’t you miss me?”

“She knows he likes designer jeans, so she sent several pairs of True Religion jeans at $250 a pop! And she sends roses and love notes to his office.”

So, just how creepy is that on a scale from 1 to 10? I don’t think it’s incredibly weird or anything, it kinda bends traditional gender stereotypes a little, but certainly not too freak.

Still, considering Britney’s past record with mental illness, it’s got to be a little unnerving… like the creepy ex-girlfriend on Wayne’s World. Maybe Britney just got a little too carried away with dreams to have a baby girl with Jason.

Adds the insider:

“It’s kind of sad, because she’s kind of deluded about this, but she’s used to getting what she wants — and that’s him,” says a pal. “Her dad’s concerned. He’s trying to help Britney accept that her thing with Jason is over for good.”