Is Brooke Mueller in Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol Abuse?


58432053What to believe, what to believe. Some are saying that Brooke Mueller–  the wife of Charlie Sheen and mom to twin 10-month-old boys-  is in rehab merely to recover from her pneumonia.But new reports are saying that she’s there for drug and alcohol abuse!

Her lawyer stated that “She is in North Carolina with her mom for some R and R pursuant to doctors orders,” he told “ET.” ” She is still recovering from her recent infection and pneumonia.” She is at the Two Dreams Outer Banks rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addition. Her stepdad said, “She is there,” But it’s a recovery place, and it is in a resort setting and the picture I’d like to paint more is that she’s seeking help she wants to, she’s dealing with this.” If she just needed to rest and relax, couldn’t she have just gone to a spa in California, Nevada or New Mexico? There sure are plenty of them.

But new reports from are saying the her partying was out of control. Way out of control. For example multiple sources told Radar that she had friends smuggle in drugs for her while she was there. While she was at the hospital, she was advised to go directly to rehab in California but because of worries of details of her treatment would leak out they opted to ship her off to the far flung rehab center in North Carolina.

“After her friends tried to bring her drugs in the hospital we felt we had to get her out of L.A.,” one source said. “And she didn’t put up a fight.”

One thing that is hard to not think about are their poor twins. Hopefully there is lots of love and support to make less of an impact on these ten month old boys .


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