Is Cam Newton Being Investigated by the FBI?


CAm NewtonJust a few months ago star quarterback Cam Newton looked to be posed to be a shoe-in for winning the Heisman. But recently the Auburn star’s named has been mired by accusations not awards.  And it isn’t just the NCAA that’s looking into the Cam Newston scandal but now it looks like the investigation has garnered the attention of the FBI. Why?

The Federal investigators actually want to talk to John Bond, a former Mississippi State football star who claimed that Newton and his people requested about $180K to retain the services of the college level football phenom, a big no-no in the world of college sports. According to TMZ the agent from the FBI said that “We are interested in whether young men are being shopped to colleges.”

Do you think it needs to get to that level? Do our valuable government resources need to be dragged into this? Can’t the NCAA just deal with it?

And no word yet if there is evidence that Cam’s father, a pastor, was involved in the payola plan. He and his church were recently investigated by the NCAA.

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