Is Caroline Manzo's Son Dating a Girl from the Jersey Shore?


Caroline Manzo

Could there a Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore crossover event? Looks like a couple cast members of these ultra popular reality programs have been getting close, real close. There is word that Caroline Manzo’s son Christopher has been seen being very friendly with the newest cast member of The Jersey Shore Deena Nicole. The two were spotted at a club in New Jersey club where Deena was apparently “grinding all over” Chris. Perhaps they were just doing a little dancing? Or is there some reality TV love in the air? One thing for sure…

I would not what to be Deena Nicole! Facing mamma Manzo would be not only daunting but terrifying. Could you imagine? Caroline Manzo is one tough cookie and would probably be either the best mother-in-law on earth or the scariest.

What do you think? Would you think she would be the best or worst MIL to have?