Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant? Carrie Hiding Baby Bump on American Idol? (Video)

is carrie underwood pregnant baby bump
Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? American Idol video

Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? Carrie Underwood looked like maybe she was hiding a baby bump as she performed with American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina.

Yes, Carrie Underwood pregnant rumors are always buzzing, but take a look at Carrie’s side profile at 1:12 in the video – that baggy shirt looks like it may have a bump under there!

Underwood rocked the white short shorts with some amazing legs and sounded, as usual, so great while singing “Before He Cheats.”

What do you think of the Carrie Underwood baby bump rumors? Is Carrie pregnant?

Okay, so maybe it’s wishful thinking, but we’re still keeping Carrie Underwood on bump watch!

Carrie’s off-the-shoulder-sparkly top may just be concealing a pregnant belly, or maybe she was just going for a bit more casual of an outfit for the Idol finale. Not everything has to be skintight, after all!

Image: PRPhotos