Is Casey Anthony in Palm Springs? $1 Million Deal in The Works?

Is Casey Anthony in Palm Springs?


Where in the world is Casey Anthony? That is a question countless people (and reporters) have pondered. And since her release there have been rumors, clues and false sightings. The newest location where she is said to be? Palm Springs. And she’s reportedly not there for pleasure but for business discussing a proposed million-dollar offer.

A producer told the MailOnline that he met with the notorious mom and talked about securing the rights for the first interview with a yet unconfirmed host.

“She (Anthony) made them come to Palm Springs. She wants the money that’s for sure,” he claimed  “No one else has the balls. I’m offering money from my own company. We’re the only game in town.” He spoke of her lawyer Jose Baez saying, “Jose’s a great lawyer but he’s not a great agent. Take the money.”

Initially he had wanted to have a lie detector test to be part of the deal, but after his ‘alleged’ meeting, he apparently is open to not including that. “She was a little concerned about how she is going to look with the lie detector test,” he said.

As for how Casey Anthony appeared? He said she “seemed normal,” adding, “you would never know she had been in jail for three years.


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