Is Charlie Sheen Broke and "Cash Poor"?

Charlie Sheen,
Is Charlie Sheen "cash poor"?

It seems Charlie Sheen might be “cash poor” and desperately needs the money since being fired from Two and a Half Men.

“Charlie has earned an enormous amount of money with this show, but he has also spent a fortune and now finds himself in the very tricky position of being cash poor,” an insider told

“Every penny he has is tied up in property or business dealings.”

According to the source, what Charlie needs is cold hard cash and “that’s why he’s fighting so hard to try and get the $16 million he lost when CBS originally suspended production on the eight remaining episodes of this season.”

Add to that his over $115,000 a month child support payments, it’s no wonder Sheen is desperate for cash.  Sheen intends to fight to get a big paycheck if Two and a Half Men continues without him.

And it seems it will.  Rumors are floating that execs are looking to Rob Lowe and John Stamos as possible replacements.

“Charlie wants the show to continue as long as he gets paid,” a friend of actor’s told Rob Shuter of PopEater. “He would like nothing better than to earn money to stay home while someone else does the work.”

Charlie’s contract with the hit show is reportedly based on a similar model as Michael J. Fox’s from Spin City, which is why he hopes the show continues without him so he can still collect earnings.