Is Cheryl Cole Planning a Baby?

Cheryl wants to have a baby

The news of television darling Cheryl Cole getting back with her ex-husband Ashley Cole has left Great Britain in a state of tizzy, and now with the couple opening up about their plans for a baby has left everyone in shock.

The British beauty and X Factor judge took back her soccer star husband despite multiple cheating allegations.  The couple divorced nine months ago, but have rekindled their relationship after Ashley was spotted attending Cheryl’s 28th birthday party just last week.

According to the Daily Mail, Ashley has been telling his friends that the couple plans to remarry and start a family soon.

A source close to Cheryl and Ashley says:  “The main reason they got back together was because they both realized they wanted to start a family and they could not live without one another.”

“The first time around, Cheryl’s career came first, but this time family is priority,” the source added.

Cheryl might as well be thinking about having a baby with all that extra time on her hands.  Just last month the former Girls Aloud singer was sent back home to England after being replaced from the U.S. version of The X Factor by Nicole Scherzinger.