Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant? And Is Matthew D. Rutler the Baby Daddy?


christina aguilera pregnant

Poor Christina Aguilera. Either her pregnancy was outed prematurely or she had a sudden weight gain that is making the headlines. But neither scenario is probably not what she wanted to make headlines for. So which is it? Bets are on s that Christina Aguilera is pregnant.

In her Dancing with the Stars performances she looked particularly chunky, especially in the belly. And the costumes looked like they were designed to disguise something like a baby bump. So if she is indeed knocked up, who is the baby daddy?

Apparently she’s been secretly dating Matthew Rutler, a PA (pictured above) who worked on her film Burlesque. The two have been spotted here and there but have said they are not dating. But just the other day the two were spotted holding hands. Oops!

Do you think Xtina is knocked up? And do you think that’s what led to her divorce? Becoming pregnant with another man’s baby is usually at the top of the list of marriage no-nos!

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