Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

Is Christina Aguilera pregnant?

Is Christina Aguilera pregnant? Really, after the AMA’s last night this is the question people are wondering about? Not ‘why was the show so bad?’, but is Christina Aguilera pregnant? This is a woman who has just gone through the breakup of her marriage and now she has to deal with the world wondering if she’s pregnant or not?! Please.

Personally I love the fact that Christina Aguilera isn’t a stick thin size 00. She’s a woman with hips and curves and she looked fabulous last night! She’s what real women look like and her body type is an incredible example to young girls of what a real woman’s body should be. But no, now people have to go and wonder if she’s pregnant which really is just telling girls that unless you’re a size 0 people will think you’re pregnant – which is just a different way of saying that she’s gained weight.
For an awards show where the average age of the performers was in the teens, it’s nice to see someone like Christina Aguilera, who’s a mother and a veteran performer go on stage and wow the audience. We should be talking about her singing and not her waistline. I for one don’t think she’s pregnant and I thought she looked great what do you think?

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