Is Cigar Guy the New Sad Keanu? Cigar Guy in Tiger Woods Picture Photoshop Hoax?

cigar guy tiger woods photoshop sad keanu
Is Cigar Guy the new Sad Keanu?

Is Cigar Guy the new Sad Keanu? If you haven’t yet seen the picture of Tiger Woods chipping a golf ball toward a camera with a crowd behind him with one standout cigar guy take a look for yourself.

First of all, is Cigar Guy even for real? I’m getting a real hoax-y vibe, but maybe it’s because I also can’t look at Cigar Guy without thinking about Cheech and Chong.

Not only is Cigar Guy stealing the show in Tiger Wood’s photo, but he’s becoming such an internet sensation that he’s getting buzz as the new Sad Keanu.

You may recall the picture of a sorry looking Keanu Reeves, looking so pathetic that Sad Keanu became a runaway Photoshop hit as clever photo manipulators placed Keanu in a variety of hilarious situations.

Who is Cigar Guy? While details are still sketchy at this point, it looks like Cigar Guy is becoming the new Sad Keanu, already placed in some clever Photoshop pics online.

What do you think of Cigar Guy? Is he the real deal or a prankster looking to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame?