Is Courteney Cox Undergoing A Salt Water Cleanse?

Is Courteney Cox Doing a Salt Water Cleanse?

How does taking a great big swig of salt water sound to you? Yeah, not so good, huh. But some opt to do just that in a quest to cleanse their body of all the gunk that might be hanging in there. And one celebrity who looks like they are getting their cleanse on? Courteney Cox.

She was spotted leaving the Hollywood hotspot Il Sole the other evening after dining with estranged husband David Arquette and their daughter Coco with a bottle of Smart Water in her hand with the label “32 oz with Salt” written on it. What does a salt water cleanse do?

Apparently the saltwater cleansing practice “purifies the digestive system and draws impurities out of organs inside the body.”

But whatever she is doing seems to be working because she looks great for being 47!

Check out more photos of Courteney here.

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    Courteney Cox with Salt Water?
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    Courteney Cox
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    Courteney Cox
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    Courteney Cox
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    Courteney Cox
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    David Arquette


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