Is Criss Angel Dead? Probably Not.


is-criss-angel-dead-did-criss-angel-die-mindfreak-2Once again, rumors are swirling around the internet that illusionist Criss Angel has died. I’m betting that the latest frenzy has originated from the latest episode of MindFreak, where Angel attempts to escape from a sealed chamber submerged in water without access to food or an extra oxygen supply. And the viewing public is frantic that Angel pushed the envelope too far and perished during the stunt.

The last time a rumor about Angel dying was last September, when an episode featuring a car crash had the internet buzzing that he hadn’t survived the incident. As in that case, common sense would tell us that since the MindFreak episodes are filmed months in advance, any news of Angel’s death would have been reported long ago.

Frankly, I’d be more worried about a previous episode where Angel attempts to levitate his own mother over a broomstick. Can you imagine if that didn’t go as planned? Hell hath no fury like a parent involved in an unsuccessful levitation. Come to think of it, maybe it didn’t go so well and mom’s the one who banished Angel to that submerged chamber.

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