Is David Beckham Cheating on Victoria?


A few years ago there was a scandalous rumor that David Beckham cheated on Victoria with his assistant. The pair weathered the affair storm, but now it’s back with thunder.

Irma Nici, a former high-class call girl, is claiming she slept with the soccer stud and her story is for sale. Seeing as the incident happened back in 2007, perhaps she is broke? Here’s the info:

David is said to have paid Imra a whopping $10,000 a night and visited her five times.

“It was a high,” Irma tells In Touch. “All of these women dream of being with him, and I got to hook up with him. It was very exciting.”

The 15 minutes engagement was “nothing freaky,” and “he was very gentle and kind,” for those who care to know. Keeping it as classy as possible, she rates him a 7½ as a lover on a scale of 1 to 10.


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