Is Emily Maynard Moving To Be Closer To The Bachelor Brad Womack?

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Is Emily moving to Austin to be with Brad?

After the Bachelor’s Brad Womack spent the weekend in Emily Maynard’s hometown of Charlotte, N.C., rumors started to spread that Emily was already moving to Austin.

After his visit, Brad wrote on his Twitter account:

“Didn’t think it was possible, but after this weekend I’m even MORE attracted to my girl #beingagreatMomisHOT”.

According to Life & Style, Emily Maynard has decided to make the move from North Carolina to Texas with her 5-year-old daughter, Ricki, to be with Brad.

“She feels like the best thing to do is to give this a real shot and put her heart into it by moving to Austin for the summer,” an insider close to Emily said.

“She’s going to get her own condo there. She’s not moving in with him.”

Hmmm I’m not so sure that this report is true… Emily moving into a condo?  I doubt that.  She also just tweeted “Sorry I’ve been MIA. Busy being a mommy and taking care of our new kitten :)”.

I doubt after spending just one weekend with Brad would prompt her to pick up and move right away.

Time will tell!