Is Facebook Down? Or Is It Just You?

Is facebook down? Or is it just you?

Is facebook down today? Is facebook working? I’m having facebook login problem. How do you unblock facebook?

Oh, the fear that one of our favorite ways to connect with each other isn’t working! But, is facebook not working? Or is it just you? How you can tell!

Of course, you could call someone and ask…or text or tweet out a facebook S.O.S. when you can’t log in to facebook to update your status or see what your friends are up to or check out your favorite celebrity’s fan page.

But, what if they say facebook is working for them? Or even if it’s not, how do you know if the whole site is down or if it just isn’t working for some people?

You can check out this site to see if any website is down or if it just happens to be a problem that you are having. That way, if you know that the site isn’t working for anyone, you can stop frantically trying to log in.

But, what if it is just you? Try checking your network preferences, firewall, and parental controls. Make sure you are using the correct email address and password to log in.

Or just wait it out and hang out on twitter for a while.

Can you log in to facebook?

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